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TOKAI now created a lighter more revolutianary than ever. It functions with a holding-cap. It's flashy design and style make this lighter a real 'wannahave'. (art. no. 15872)

New in our gamma, The P12 S 'Circles' !!!

The P12 S is known as one of TOKAI's most succesfull lighters. Not only for its quality but also for its design. TOKAI has chosen a 'silver' cap to accent the streamline of the design. (art. no. 15916)

The Tokai Trend Light Stands for Style and Taste! 10.08.2003

Tokai Europe presents new utility lighter for the host with the most!

This autumn Tokai Europe GmbH is launching the Tokai Trend Light, the table lighter for the host with the most! With its perfect design, the Tokai Trend Light will light up any festive dinner table and can be used as a standing table lighter. Its matt black finish goes ideally with any table decoration and impressively underlines the host’s individual style and taste. The Tokai Trend Light is sold in an exclusive counter display which holds 12 pieces in high-quality individual boxes and is available from September 2003. To introduce this model at the Frankfurt “Tendence” Fair, Tokai Europe is offering an attractive discount.

Tokai TurboMax XL – the Turbo-Lighter! 09.06.2003

Tokai Europe launches innovative lighter with wind-proof turbo-flame on the European market.

The Tokai TurboMax XL is the specialist lighter for fires and grills. And it’s outdoors that the Tokai TurboMax XL really shows its strengths: the wind-proof turbo-flame can deal with the strongest gusts of wind and with its long metal shaft the lighter can easily reach underneath the charcoal to light fire starters etc. The Tokai TurboMax XL is of course refillable and with its hanging hook can easily be stowed away.

The Tokai TurboMax XL is available on individual blister cards on sales-promoting 45 piece displays

Lighters with child-resistant Device A Must from June 2004 05.08.2003

Tokai Europe welcomes the legislation to improve consumer protection

Many lighters currently available on the market are potentially dangerous for the consumer. The reason being that there is no legal regulation with minimum requirements for lighters, as compliance to date with the valid ISO standard 9994:2002 was on a voluntary basis only. This will soon change. The European Commission has decided that, in the framework of the General Product Safety Directive, the existing international standards are binding by law for each product, for which no legal requirements are currently defined. This also applies to lighters!

The Commission will assign a compulsory status to two safety standards:

? The DIN EN ISO 9994:2002 for the general safety standards which a lighter must fulfil
? The DIN EN 13869 as the specification of the standards for a child-proof device

With these standards, manufacturers and importers are obliged to bring onto the market only safe, certified lighters which offer sufficient protection against misuse by children.

A child-resistant device is a mechanism in the lighter, which makes it considerably more difficult for children to successfully ignite. The conditions for this are clearly defined in the standard EN 13869.

Tokai Europe GmbH expressly welcomes this legislation to give consumer protection a better legal basis and to ban unsafe lighters from the market. Tokai will start therefore to supply child-resistant lighters in January 2004 – both flint and piezo lighters.


Source : http://www.tokai.de


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